Sunday, 12 April 2009

A fresh start for spring!!

Well hmmm over a year betwixx posts I'm shamefaced :(

To cut a very long and boring story short my health has been rubbish for a good old while , tiredness , inability to concentrate , weight gain blahh blahh until it got so bad just after Christmas that I was feeling permanently dizzy .
Off to the docs and it seems my thyroid was on its last legs and has been failing for a good long while :(
So I'm on medication and everything is getting slowly back to normal.

In the midst of feeling rubbish the jewellery took a back seat and I rediscovered knitting to help me concentrate and yess another obsession is born for all things fibre.

I have been dying pure new wool knitting bags then felting them.

And I broke out the polymer clay for the first time in I cant remember when and got some buttons made for all my knitted stuff.

All this creating has prompted me to get my website sorted , I have moved the hosting and given it a new look.

So I'm feeling better,spring has sprung just need to shift the weight now :( but my general mojo seems to be returning